Tenuta Cortevecchia

With its 2,300 Hectares, Cortevecchia is a very large estate encompassing 20 km of internal roads.

In a book that is about to be published, we learn that Cortevecchia, whose history dates back to the Etruscans, was the place where Frederick II’s imperial toops camped in 1240 during their  siege of  Guelf towns of Sovana and Selvena.

Then the artistocratic Sforzas came, followed by the Aldobrandeschi and the Orsini.

A beautiful Renaissance Villa at the heart of the estate.

Its terraces overlook the surrinding landscapedotted with its typical “casali” (old Tuscan farmhouses within the estate and among the best examples of Tuscan architecture), as well as an Italian Garden with its “Teatro di Verzura”, a Renaissance outdoor theatre.

The Swimming Pools can be cold or heated water, according to the season.

You can also play tennis, sqash or football.

If you choose to walk or to go horse-riding, you’ll be likely to come across the native fauna of the region.

Cortevecchia is at the heart of the Etruscan  territory, between the coast of Argentario and the Mount Amiata.

It is very close to Saturnia, with its Spa and Golf course, and to the medieval towns of Siena, Orvieto, Sorano, Sovana, Pitigliano and Bolsena.

Cortevecchia offers accomodation to 170 visitors, both in the villa and in its numerous, indipendent casali, built in stone, “cotto” and wood.

There are three restaurants, offering high quality traditional cusine.

There’s a Chapel for Religious serivice.

A Museum in the Villa exhibits scultures and paintings by internationally  appreciate artists, while an outdoor museum exhibit old agricultural equipment and tools.